December 7th, 2006

wolf eyes

Places to go, things to do...

Today, I have to go to:

the library
the bank
the post office

I may go to Borders also, for, lo, I have coupons, one of which is only good tomorrow. But 40% off a DVD box set is nothing to sneeze at, and scoping them out beforehand to see what's in stock might be a good idea.

And I'll do all that after Rush is over, because that's after the lunch hour and most people are off the road by then.

Other things:
  • Post Faith&Mal fic at jossverse_xover (done)
  • Find missing Spike:Asylum comic (done)
  • Some editing work on "Another Day, Another Apocalypse," based on _aadler's excellent beta notes (did a prologue)
  • Poke the Gargoyle fic, using the notes I've got at the end of it

In other news, I love my FFN reviewers. Really, I do. But when I get a review like this for "Starting from Scratch":

NO! It can't end like this! Please, make this a story, it's really good! :)

It makes me want to reach through my screen and strangle them. HOW IS IT NOT A STORY??? It's five thousand, four hundred and sixty words. *breathes heavily*

Okay, I'm not so arrogant as to think that she's read any of my other stuff...but has she read any of my other stuff? If there's anything I'm notorious for, it's open-ended endings. And what in the world in my profile makes her think I'm capable of anything longer? I've got FOUR that are over ten thousand words...out of sixty-two, not counting the seven drabble collections. According to FFN's stats, my average work is 2,834 words. "Starting from Scratch" is twice as long. DEAL WITH IT.

wolf eyes

Oh, my.

Adam Baldwin? Is made of Awesome and Win.

As most of the Whedonites on my flist probably know by now, Flanvention2 was cancelled. Today. It was slated to begin Tomorrow. Thus leaving many people hanging. Some folks are coming from overseas, and thus will land at the airport not knowing that this event is Pushing Up Daisies.

However, Adam? Showed up tonight anyway. Whether he'll hang out tomorrow, or any of the other talent will come, is an open question. The awesome SoCal and SF Browncoats are trying to put something together, but BE didn't even notify the hotel that they were cancelling, so it's been difficult for them to negotiate space, plus there's liability issues as well.

As far as I know, the only notification has come via BE's website. No one's gotten so much as an email or a phone call from them. "Unforeseen circumstances." *snorts* Yeah, RIGHT. And I'm going to win this quarter's Writers of the Future.

Speaking of which ...

MiniMe: Dude, that was a totally graceless segue.
Me: Shut up.
MiniMe: Totally graceless. Call yourself a writer?
Me: Shut up. *thwacks*

...I sent the BeagleFic off to them today. Late February, or early March, should hear something. If I hear something sooner? That would be bad.