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January 6th, 2008

11:16 am
No real surprises here...

94% Mitt Romney
89% Fred Thompson
85% John McCain
79% Mike Huckabee
78% Tom Tancredo
69% Rudy Giuliani
66% Ron Paul
44% Bill Richardson
37% Hillary Clinton
33% Barack Obama
32% John Edwards
30% Chris Dodd
27% Joe Biden
18% Mike Gravel
12% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

There's not a question there about campaign finance reform, which would have dropped McCain and Thompson lower on my list, I think. McCain/Feingold is a travesty, and they should repeal it.

In other news, we're talking about wandering down to Phoenix and Tucson for a few days and visiting the Phoenix Zoo, Out of Africa Wild Animal Park, and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

And I've been looking at toucans. BECAUSE I WANT ONE, I DOES. The biggest obstacle, at this point, is figuring out where the huge-ass cage would go. Amazingly enough, the Hubby isn't completely opposed to getting one. Considering what the initial outlay would be, this is...surprising.