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January 11th, 2008

09:04 pm
*waves from Arizona*

The weather is perfect, the animals are posing for me, and it's lovely here away from the snow and the cold.

Wednesday, we visited the Phoenix Zoo, after taking off an hour late because of an oxygen mask issue in the cockpit of the plane. However, after getting up early and walking around the zoo for five hours, we were ready to leave at closing time anyway.

Thursday, we drove down to Tucson and visited the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which is a place everyone should visit before they die. More than once. The wildlife is just as interesting as the critters in enclosures; we saw a pair of Harris' Hawks, some ground squirrels, TONS of cactus wrens, a woodpecker, and some sort of funky bird with a down-curved beak which I will identify when I get home.

Today we visited Out of Africa in Camp Verde, which relocated from the Phx area in 2004, apparently. Da Boy got chased (on the other side of a fence) by a hyena, which was pretty cool, and we got to hear the hyenas laugh, which was just wild--I'd never heard it before live, only on TV. We got to watch them feeding the carnivores, and several of the critters posed for me. The giraffe tried to eat the Hubby's mustache.

Tomorrow we're going to the car show, and possibly the motocross, if the Hubby thinks his heart can take it. And then Sunday we're heading home. There's no way I can catch up with all of you. If anything interesting happened, link me? *hugs to all*

And of course, I'll be posting pix when we get home. What do you take me for?