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January 12th, 2008

09:35 pm
No Motocross for you!

They wanted $30(!) just to park. Er, yes. I'm very glad I didn't buy tix online to that last night. Because that was just...wow. And the hell of it was, they were getting it. Who pays $30 to park for a couple of hours? *is gobsmacked*

However, the car show was pretty neat. There was a motorcycle made almost completely from Snap-on Tools, and the 100,000,000th Ford ever built...which was a Fairmont Futura! IT WAS SO COOL. Those of you going "Buh? What the hell is 'cool' about one of those ugly things?" might recall that the Hubby's drag racer is a Futura. Plus I've always liked those. Because I'm weird. Also, there was another motorcycle with a finish on it that made it look very...steampunk. It was sort of a brushed steel sort of thing. Darn, I wish I'd brought my camera to this. *sigh*

We also visited Fry's Electronics today, which has all sorts of neato stuff, and which we don't have in SLC. I drooled over 11.1" laptops and bought a new laptop cooler, which was on sale for $10. Of course, I can't get it OPEN with the tools I have available to me right this minute...

Pix shall be forthcoming over the next few days. Seriously, y'all. Put the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum on your list of places to visit before you die...