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January 19th, 2008

11:03 am

I just remembered I had this owl:

In other news, spurred by something a commenter said on one of my pix posts, I've been gathering pictures for the big blank wall behind my couch. I have nine various hummingbirds and toucans...which isn't actually enough for this wall. So I'm going to add butterflies to it too. I was going to have the hornbill, but the Hubby thinks he's "creepy," so that's a no-go. LOL

Apparently one of the best places (or at least, one of the best places I can actually find) to shoot toucans is the Dallas World Aquarium. Our local aviary has four species, and I'll definitely want to visit there soon. Maybe when the temperature goes above freezing. I also want to visit Cougar Park, because that's supposed to be one of the best local places to go owling, and it closes in February. Brr.