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January 22nd, 2008

06:01 pm
According to my spam:

I am a crossdressing ("Open Your Eyes to Extreme Multidimensional Mascara") bisexual man ("Meet and view pics of local gay men today," "She will love you more than any man") with a small ("Get A Bigger Pen1s Today!"), limp ("like a rock") penis, and possible VD ("Expansive Choices Economical `Canadien` Pharmaceudticals List prices"). I also apparently desperately want to get rid of my timeshare ("Have a timeshare? agilebrit") and buy fake designer watches and bags with the proceeds ("SAVE Big Now... Finest Swiss Rolex watches & brand bags"). I'm also not much of a wine connoisseur, because someone believes that I think I can get good wine very cheaply ("12 bottles of Fine Wine for just $4.99 a bottle, and gifts").

Does anyone actually BUY things from this spam?


In other news, I found out about Heath Ledger's death from my flist, which proves what a geek I am. Unlike (apparently) most of my flist, I thoroughly enjoyed "A Knight's Tale" and "The Brothers Grimm" (for the crack they were), kind of loathed "10 Things I Hate About You," and never saw "Brokeback Mountain." I'm very much looking forward to his performance as the Joker.

RIP, Heath. I hate that a promising young actor allowed drugs to end his life. :(