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January 25th, 2008

11:02 am
AUGH. Alas and woe!

The super-shiny mouse that the Hubby bought me for Christmas last year? Has decided to stop working. I have no idea where the software for the thing is or if it's even a software issue. The Control Panel says it's "working properly," but it won't scroll and won't move my cursor. I've pushed the reset button on it, which hasn't done a thing, and I whacked it once, which (apparently) made it work for a few minutes before it reverted to a strangely-shaped and rather ineffective paperweight. I unsuccessfully tried to take it apart to see if something had come loose.

GAH. I hate using the touchpad...

Not helping my state of mind today. Not not not. It's just one more thing, y'know?

Annnd...now it's randomly decided to work again. WTF, over?

ETA: And now it's NOT. *cries*

Son of ETA: And I swapped the batteries again (because that's the first thing I tried) with a different set of batteries and it's working again. The set of batteries I swapped into it the first time? Run my flashlight just fine. *tears out hair*

07:22 pm
I can has comicses?

Yes. Yes, I can.

*points finger accusingly at flist* Why did no one tell me that there were BSG comics? I just spent fifteen bucks on a trade I really couldn't afford, dudes. Of course, then I found out that they take place during S2, which I haven't seen yet (we're still watching S1 on DVD), so I'll have it to look forward to later.

Any other comics y'all are hiding from me? *crosses arms*

I got my issue of Angel: After the Fall #3, and all I have to say is: DUDES! I totally didn't see that coming. And Illyria being all pissed off and protective of Spike never ever gets old. *squees* I'm kind of surprised there's not wank about that last (rather shocking) panel. Has the fandom gone sane or something? (May be spoilers in comments.)

I also picked up Cory Doctorow's Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now #4, which I haven't read yet, but will.