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January 26th, 2008

10:48 am
On the subject of toucans...

Yes, again.

I called a local vet, and they treat and board birds, including toucans. She wondered why we wanted one as a first bird (maybe I should have specified that we're getting an aracari rather than a toucan), and I explained about how they're sweet and don't bite and they're pretty and don't live as long as parrots. And she told me they're messy (all birds are messy), and about the iron thing, which I was already aware of. High maintenance, live a long time, etc. Which we've already researched. :)

Today we're going to toddle up to Bountiful and see what Pet Village has for bird cages, and if they have the softbill diet. We may have to have that special ordered in.

If we even do this. There's an exotic bird expo in Tucson in April, and we'd want to visit Emerald Forest before we made a final decision. It's a huge commitment.