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January 30th, 2008

12:45 am

I suppose I should give this woman some sort of social network.

If only so she can blow it off.

*Math-Impaired Barbie voice* Writing is hard.

However, I have new words. Of course, there's no real drama here. Quiet desperation, yes. Drama, not so much. *reminds self: Show, don't tell* Or, you know, tell, then fix it so you're showing, like you had to do with that first scene.

ETA: You know it's bad when you're tempted to put [Insert music montage here]. Again, I say: GAH.

I also fixed a couple of problems in the A&tS story. I may have to just print that puppy out and go after it with a red pen. Eyeballs on paper the old-fashioned way...

04:33 pm
I printed out the A&tS story...

And it doesn't suck nearly as much as I remember it sucking. There's some stuff needs tweaking here and there, and maybe I'll run it past the Hubby one more time, but it may be nearly ready to go out again.

There's just that one paragraph that's really, really bugging me. Boring, crappy exposition. Needs fixing. Badly.