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January 31st, 2008

11:43 am
So, y'all know what I do...

When I should be writing. I poke Ralan's to see if there are new markets for...stories I haven't written yet. Hah.

Dark Recesses is running another Deja Vu horror contest. Theme is zombies, 1000-2500 words, deadline is April 30. No entry fee, pays 5 cents a word to the winner.

Eclipse Two, an annual print anthology, is open for subs during the month of February. No theme, anything between 2500-10000 words, pays 6 cents a word.

I have more words in the Giant Bugs story. Making very slow progress. But it definitely helps that I have a final scene in mind, along with the last line. Yay.

03:42 pm
Inspired by the handsome and talented ahmedakhan:

When you write a story, what comes first - an idea, a scene, a line, a theme, or a character?

For him, it varies quite a bit. Let me poke my fic and see where mine arise from...

DragonFic: Came from a discussion with my (published) Mom about stories we wanted to write in 'verses we'd already created. I think the scene that first came to mind for that was the sneezing dragon setting things on fire. scene

BearFic: Came from a challenge from my Writing Buddy: I can't tell you where to find your lost god, but I can tell you where to start. The "god" in that story went through three iterations before I was happy with it. I started with some minor gods in the Greek pantheon, scrapped that, switched to a cat, scrapped that, and settled on the bear. Which allowed me to name a character "Dick Adamson" as a little private homage. idea

BeeFic: A dripping honeycomb inspired that. scene

Merc&theSnake: I needed something for WotF, within a week. I looked at the Plot Bunny Hutch, wherein I keep ideas, and the first line "So, I'm dead" jumped out at me. This line has since been abandoned, but it was tshe catalyst for the whole story. line

Gargoyles: Definitely a scene. A completely empty street in downtown St. Louis prompted that one. Empty of cars, people, and businesses. It's eerie as hell in its wrongness. scene

BeagleFic: A line from Firefly, and what would happen if a crew really did transport some black market Beagles. idea

Abducted!Werewolf: A simple what-if. What if aliens newly come to Earth abducted a werewolf by accident, thinking they were getting a regular human? idea

CatFeet: A glove in the road prompted the thought "What if all those shoes and gloves you see by the side of the road still had feet and hands in them?" I hate my brain sometimes. idea

A&tS: Written for the Astrobiology and the Sacred contest. appomattoxco and I had a short discussion about how someone like Jayne might react to true beauty, but that turned in a really unexpected direction and went a whole lot darker than I planned. I have a mean Muse. character

Werewolf Fic: I had a fanfic slump once, and put out a call for prompts. illmantrim was kind enough to offer "Oz, cured against his will of his werewolfness." I never wrote the Oz story, but this one came out of that idea, and it's one of my favorites. idea

Giant Bugs: That was a whole train, right there. It started with the bugs, I did some research to see if we knew why antediluvian bugs were so much bigger than they are today, and found out about the oxygen thing. Then it was a matter of figuring out how to pump more oxygen into the atmosphere. PopSci provided that, along with some other science that drives the plot. And the Law of Unintended Consequences plays a big role as well. idea

So it looks like, for me, it's mainly ideas. Less often a line, scene, or character. Themes come (if they do) during the writing of the piece.

Huh. *cracks knuckles and dives back in to the Giant Bugs story*

10:00 pm
Stream of consciousness...

Lost musings!Collapse )I LOVE THIS SHOW.

And I'm the only one left watching it, aren't I?