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February 4th, 2008

01:32 pm

It's in a week and a half, and they have the schedule posted. Among the more interesting subjects are:

  • Projecting Possible Futures through Historical Analysis of Scientific Discoveries
  • Orson Scott Card: 1001 Ideas in an Hour
  • The astronomy behind space travel and planet location
  • Space travel for writers
  • Putting Romance in Your Novel (since I can't write romance to save my life)
  • Fan Fiction on the Internet: where new writers hone their craft
  • Adding a Little Reality to your Science Fiction - or How the Laws of Physics Get in the Way of an Unbelievably Good Story
  • Soft Science. Making your science real and believable without knowing all the details
  • Presentation: Real Animals that are Stranger than Fiction: What nature has done with strange animals, and what you can, too

    Gonna be a full weekend. Whee! There's also a writer's workshop. And I'm taking the ArtFic to find out why it sucks.

    I have a spare bed (a single), if anyone wants to come down for this. Dates are Feb 14-16, and Orson Scott Card and Gail Carson Levine are the GoH's.
  • 02:42 pm
    Mmm. *smacks forehead*

    So much for having an END at the bottom of the Giant Bugs fic by the end of last week.

    This week?

    Okay. I'm going to move my business to the front room and see if I can't just sit there and write. The reason I've been reluctant to do that before is because I have to turn my laptop off to do it, because my battery had absolutely died. And a new one will cost me sixty-some dollars on eBay. Whee. :/

    But first, a trip to Smith's for raw spinach, so I can has salad while the Hubby is off on his trip. Damb, but I hope the roads are clear enough that he can take his (rear-wheel drive) Trans Am, rather than having to take my (front-wheel drive) PT Cruiser. Cuz, I'd like to go vote tomorrow (not that my vote will matter, living in Utah), and I don't like driving his car.