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February 8th, 2008

11:28 am
*bounces like a Tigger on the GOOD crack*

I woke up to this in my inbox:

Dear Ms. Frost,

Congratulations. I'm accepting your story "Bitter Honey" for inclusion in the September 12, 2008 issue of Afterburn SF. If you agree to the terms of the contract below, please email me back saying you agree. Also include your PayPal address.

Thanks for submitting.

Best regards,

Karen L. Newman
Editor, Afterburn SF


08:46 pm
HAH. Take that, writer's block!

I have scribbled over 300 words in the Giant Bugs story so far today, and I broke 2100 words. I have introduced a plot point that will be important to the end, and I am going to twist my protag's heart out of her chest, throw it on the sand, and stomp it into itty bitty shards. *much evil laughter*

Many thanks to all my well-wishers from the last post. You guys ROCK. *smooches you all*