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February 10th, 2008

12:34 am

I stole this idea blatently from ericjamesstone. He's got a (brilliant and hilarious) short story on the back of his business cards, and I wanted to do the same thing for mine.

Of course, coming up with an original drabble is tough. So I decided to poke through my old ones and see if I couldn't modify one enough so that it wasn't fandom-specific. And I think I succeeded. Try this on for size:

Everyone has a line they won't cross. Working at the place we not-so-jokingly call "Satan's Solicitors," you'll encounter that line, eventually. You can't avoid it. I've got no qualms about getting terrible people out of big trouble; that's what lawyers do, though usually on a smaller scale than ours. Until now.

My line got crossed, and I rebelled. But you know what? Even at this moment, I don't know if they were testing me--or whether I passed or failed. They gave me the office, the money, and the partnership I'd always coveted. Reward? Or punishment?

I'll probably never know.

Does this hang together okay? I know who I'm referring to here. Do you? And if you do, does it matter, or am I vague enough as to the particulars?

And yes, it's exactly a hundred words. What do you take me for?

01:12 am
And lest I forget:

A very happy birthday to the lovely and effulgent bullet4fob! I hope you had a nice day. :)

11:27 am

Back to the drawing board on the drabble. The Hubby had a sort of "eh" reaction to it, and ericjamesstone rightly pointed out that it's really too vague to be effective.

And I tend to agree. Something like this needs to either make the reader laugh, or be a gut-punch. This is neither. It's okay, but it's not great.

I used to be the Drabble Queen. I once cranked out thirty drabbles in a week. I can do this.

03:38 pm
Tries this one on for size:

This is a hundred and fifty words. Which means, to fit it all, it has to be in size 7 font. Which, UGH.

Working at the firm we not-so-jokingly call "Beelzebub's Barristers," you'll eventually encounter the line you refuse to cross. I'd never had qualms about getting terrible people out of big trouble; that's what lawyers do, although usually on a smaller scale than ours.

But this client destroyed an entire city, and laughed while he did it. Over a million men, women, and children gone, obliterated, just like that. And instead of getting him off, I made sure he was found guilty, got the death penalty, and was sent straight to Hell, just for good measure.

I figured they'd fire me at the very least. Maybe--probably--send me to Hell to keep the client company. Yet here I sit, in a comfy corner office, with a fat raise and the partnership I'd always coveted.

Were they testing me? And did I pass--or fail? Reward? Or punishment?

I'll probably never know.

Better? Worse? This is a dumb idea, what am I, on crack?

I'm also thinking about a "demon hunter encounters dinosaur" drabble, basically condensing my Xander-in-Congo story down. Because, damb, but I love that story beyond all reason and would love to see at least the concept get wider play.

Giant bugs? What giant bugs? Was I supposed to stick an END on that today?

05:11 pm

For I am the Queen of the Drabbles.

Well. Drabbles-and-a-half, anyway. Try this on for size:

My company sends me all over, hunting things that go bump in the night. This job at Lake Tele in the Congo had been simple, for once. I knelt by the lakeshore, washing purple goo off before it stained, when a gigantic ripple surged over my forearms.

I jerked my head up...and up. And up. Holy--

That...was a dinosaur. An Apatosaurus, to be exact. The snakelike head dipped, and it sniffed me. Once. Twice. I'd stupidly left my weapons in the tent; if it decided I was food, I couldn't do a blessed thing. But I swear it winked, and it seemed amused as it backed away and sank.

In our business, we believe in twelve impossible things before breakfast. Vampires, alternate dimensions, and ghosts are part of our routine. However, as the Apatosaurus disappeared beneath the water, I knew that none of my coworkers would ever believe this.

Because, really. The Xander-meets-a-dinosaur story was way too good to leave languishing as fanfic.