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February 12th, 2008

12:50 am

I have an "END" at the bottom of the Giant Bugs fic. OMG, finally, y'all. It came to a little under 2800 words.

I'll sit on it for a few days (probably until after LTUE, which starts Thursday and runs through Saturday) and then go over it again. I think I'm going to take the A&tS story to LTUE to be workshopped; hopefully someone there can tell me what the frell is the matter with it.

And now I have to figure out what's next. And if I could finish it by the end of this month, that'd be peachy.

In other news, the Hubby is in Macon, GA, looking at an airplane. And I honestly don't know whether to hope it's a good one, or a sucky one...

10:00 pm
Well. Hm.

So, the Hubby went to Macon yesterday and looked at an airplane, with an eye towards us buying it if we thought the finances would work out. I found myself hoping this morning that it would be a piece of junk and the decision would be easy.

Yeah. Not so much.

Okay, first of all, it's an Aero Commander 500B, which is a plane the Hubby has always wanted. This is THE PLANE, guys. But they usually cost more than, say...your house. Yeah.

This one...doesn't. Not only that, but if we can sell it within three years, and as long as nothing horrible goes wrong with it, we can probably turn a profit on it.

However, the initial outlay is a little scary. We'd probably go into debt to do it, although selling the Cardinal and cashing out the mutuals would actually give us the cash to do it. The fixed costs per year would be something like $10,000--before we actually go anywhere in it.

But the going places would be easier. It's a twin, so it's got a longer range and it goes faster. Of course, that means it's correspondingly more expensive to run. But then, it's not like we've used the Cessna all that much, so...

We have much to discuss tomorrow.

In other news, the blank fic doc, it doth mock me... Also, the first group of results (Honorable Mentions and Semi-Finalists) from Q1 of Writers of the Future was supposed to be announced today, but there's nothing in my inbox. So I don't know if I didn't even place this time, or if I'm in the Finals. Probably didn't place. *sigh*