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February 17th, 2008

10:35 am
Well, FINE.

Item title: Averatec Battery TH222 -- 3120 3150 3200 3300 Series

My bad for thinking that the frelling battery might fit my 3200 series laptop. Some sort of punctuation in the title might have cleared up that little misunderstanding, or possibly changing the order, say "3300 series, 3120, 3150, 3200." And, had I looked at my battery and compared it to the picture, I might have noticed that they're different. Or I might not have. Because they're not that different.

And the seller won't take it back. Guess I'll be reselling that puppy. Yay. Because I need the hassle. Not to mention that I still need a battery. Stupid Averatec. WHY change the battery just for the 3260, 3270, and 3280 computers--and then change it back?

The Hubby is tearing into my old battery to see if we can move the cells from the new one into the dead one. They're exactly the same, other than the pluggy thing. Apparently, from what I'm finding, the proper battery for the 3270 is about $100, give or take. AUGH.

Oh well. I shall now dive into the A&tS story and make it SUCK LESS.

02:39 pm

He tore my old, non-working battery apart to see what it looked like. After examining it from all angles, he decided to see if he could make the old case work with the new cells, even though it looked a little iffy.

And here I sit, using battery power.

In other news, it's NASCAR DAY, BABY. I love restrictor plate racing.