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February 22nd, 2008

07:33 pm
*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

Can I just, you know... start the day OVER?

First off, school didn't go especially well today. I had to get shouty a few times, and I hate that.

THEN I got to wrestle with my printer for over two hours trying to print out the BearFic, and the cover letter, and the labels. 31 pages of story that I can't use. Yay for wasted paper and even more yay for expensive wasted ink while I troubleshot the thing for-freaking-ever.

And then it turned out to be something weird that WordPerfect was doing. Which I thought I'd eliminated because it did the same thing when trying to print from OpenOffice. ARGH. However, it's fixed now. I can print it out and ship it off tomorrow.

AND THEN. I decided I wanted to make chocolate chip cappuchino muffins. We were out of chocolate chips. I hied me to the store to buy some. And forgot to put them in the mix.

This day sucks, man. I'm surprised I didn't have an accident or something on the way to the bank and the store today.

On the bright side, I've infested my protagonist's house with foot-long termites and had her insurance agent laugh in her face when she asked if she was covered. And I have a shitton of cheap Valentine's Day chocolate. And there's NASCAR truck racing on Fox tomorrow.

ETA: *looks entry over* You know, it doesn't really sound all that bad. I'm just...incredibly frustrated right now. It's like the whole day has just gone "pick pick pick" at me.