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February 23rd, 2008

11:45 am
I have email...


Apparently, 75-year-old me has signed up to receive emails of a "sexually explicit" nature. Or maybe "past me" timetraveled and is sending "present me" joke emails from "future me."

I've been getting emails dated January 18, 2038. And yes, I realize how easy it is to spoof a date on an email, and they're doing this to keep their message at the top of my list, but I just find it funny. Especially since they tell me that I've actually signed up to receive emails like this and to "ensure proper future delivery, click the NOT SPAM button and add this address to your Address Book."

*snerk* Like that's gonna happen. To your email. From the future.

In other news, I have printed out a useable copy of the BearFic, and I am about to hie me to the post office to ship it off to Fantasy and Science Fiction.

02:46 pm
*pokes WIP list*

I have:
  • A "books gone bad" story
  • A "time traveler visits the Garden of Eden" story
  • A "cattle ranching dragons in 1880's Texas" story
  • An "alchemist tries to (not quite) destroy the world so he can get credit for saving it" story
  • A "dust bunnies are neither dust, nor bunnies" story

    And none of them are really striking me as anything I actually want to write.

    I'd really like to do that faery tale remix thing for CatsCurious. But having read some actual faery tales, I'm finding them frelling creepy and my brain is just sort of scrambling away in horror. The only thing I can think of to make them funny is to have something like a Fairy Tale Jerry Springer thing where the caption would be "My stepmother is an evil bitch and my dad is a doormat," which seems to be a recurring theme.

    Nothing in the Bunny Hutch is really grabbing my attention right now. What I really should do (now that the NASCAR truck race is over) is go into the front room, put my hands on the keyboard and my butt in the chair, and write...something.

    I like to have one in editing and one that I'm actively working on. The Giant Bugs has the requisite END at the bottom, so it's in editing. Now I need something to actively work on. Finishing it by the end of the month (*laughs hysterically*) would be a bonus.

    Also, the BearFic has been shipped. Twenty minutes in line at the post office. This is why I wanted to do that yesterday.