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February 26th, 2008

04:17 pm
Hmph. *is feeling uncharitable*

Remember my little laptop battery fiasco? I just got an email from the seller:

Have you received your battery?
Can you leave a feedback to me please?

Thank you very much!

D**** L**

Dear seller:
Why are you asking me if I received the battery when we've exchanged emails about it and you basically blew me off and told me to resell it on eBay? I still think your auction title is somewhat misleading, and any feedback I leave will probably reflect that. So, yes, I can leave feedback. Are you sure you want me to?

Also, begging for feedback FTL, man. This makes me less likely to leave it, not more.


Okay, yes. I should have read the auction copy a little more carefully and compared my own battery to the picture. I'm not sure that would have helped (we see what we want to see, right? and the things are damned similar. Just...not similar enough), but hindsight is 20/20. But asking for feedback in an email is a social faux pas on eBay, and if I was one of the denizens of the Feedie Forest, I might just slap him with a neg for doing so.

However, I'm a Biddie. Even though I haven't been there in, like, ages, I still consider myself one. We're the "nice" board. And I did get exactly what was advertised in the auction, shipped speedily--although seriously overcharged on shipping, which seems to be SOP for battery sellers there, and I knew that when I bought it. Seriously, $17 to ship a laptop battery? Whatever, dude, talk to the hand.

And it worked out in the end, no thanks to the seller. We swapped the good cells for the bad ones (after some wrangling with a little green board/chipset thing inside) and actually saved a good $50 on what an actual 3270 battery would have cost. Chances are, if I ever need another battery for this computer, we'll go the same route. Because we're cheap.

So, I'll think about it. But I have very mixed emotions about this transaction, so, dear seller, you probably want me to think about it some more rather than leave you the neutral feedback my knee-jerk reaction wants to leave.