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February 27th, 2008

12:39 am
*evil laughter*

I have an appropriately skin-crawling termite scene and have added over three hundred words. HAH. I'll let it sit and stew overnight and see how I feel about it in the morning...

11:36 am

You know...

Editing the termite scene in the actual Giant Bugs doc, rather than the doc that I created for the termite scene? Would be a lot more productive.


Oh well. At least the scene doesn't stink on ice. Now I have to tread the fine line of wondering whether I should state outright that she feels like her crumbling house is a metaphor for her crumbling life. Beating readers over the head = not good, but it's a shiny metaphor...

Oh, the hell with it. *adds*

10:57 pm
I should be writing...

But instead I'm making "Chuck" icons. And poking through this screencap site, I'm reminded again why I love this show so very much.

Obviously, these are going to be heavy on the John Casey icons, because Adam Baldwin is made of win in many many ways, not least because he's an outspoken conservative in an actively hostile environment, and also his favorite charity is the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. How cool is that?

Anyway. Icons. Yes. Usual rules: Want, take, have. Comment & credit plz? Teasers:

Four more under the cut.Collapse )