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February 29th, 2008

11:34 am

My gmail inbox remains stubbornly empty. Alas and woe.

Last night's "Lost" rocked my socks. Give me more of that, baby. And I noticed that they'd named the physicist "Faraday," and I thought, Did they just go there? They totally went there! HEE. And bookishwench wrote a lovely little ficlet from Penny's POV, here. Go forth, and shower her with praise.

The Hubby red-penned the A&tS story for me while he was on his trip. I hope I can beat it into some semblance of, you know, not sucking.

I may have a bunny for a new story. *eyes WIPs* Because I shouldn't finish those, no, I should start something completely different. *headdesks*

10:18 pm
You know...

I think the Giant Bugs fic might be my Breakout Story.

Which is weird. I have stories I like better than this one. The DragonFic and the Werewolf Fic are two I can think of right off the bat. This may be a function of me preferring to read humor over angst.

However, the Giant Bugs story has the Big IdeaTM. It's got the gut punch at start and finish. It's got a character with the best of intentions that go terribly, terribly wrong.

Therefore. I'm going to spend the next month editing the everlivin' crap out of this story. And then I'm going to send it to Writers of the Future. This way, I don't have to worry so much about the deadline--I have the story; all I have to do is whip it into shape. And I don't think that'll be difficult.

In the meantime, I need to figure out what's next...