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March 4th, 2008

12:18 pm

You know, if you're going to send me an email that's "urgent and confidential," then it might be better if you don't CC about fifty other recipients.

Oh, and the scam attempt? LAME. All caps = bad form. The fact that you say you made a "random draw" of email addresses in order to figure out who should get this windfall is...original. I'll give you points for that. However, it's negated by the fact that apparently you weren't smart enough to hide the other "randomly drawn" email addresses.

Also, I've never heard of a will that stipulated that some random person, chosen by a total stranger, would be the beneficiary. Again, points for originality.

My oh my, what they won't try.

In other news, I saw something the other day that made my ears steam:

Well, if it feels like work, you aren't meant to be a writer.

Well, DAMN. I must be doing it wrong. Guess I'll hang up my laptop, and send that check back, and tell that other place not to publish my story after all. After all, writing isn't something I'm meant to do.

Sometimes, yes, it's effortless. The words pour from my fingers like water and I fill page after page with marvelous prose. Other times? Not so much. And then, of course, there's editing. Frequently, my first draft is more like "outline" than "story," and I wind up having to add a lot of stuff to fill in the blanks. Figuring out what needs adding, and then writing those parts, is also an effort. My latest thing has gone from 2800 words to 4000 in the editing stage.

But apparently it's not supposed to be this much work. My bad.

Just because it "feels like work" doesn't mean that I don't take joy in the act of creation. I get great pleasure from just the right turning of a phrase, from turning the screws just that much more on my characters, from turning a bad situation into a worse one. I love it when something I wrote makes someone laugh...or cry...or have to take a shower (as long as that's the effect I was going for, and yes, I'm looking at the ReaverFic).

So, I'll just keep plugging away over here, thanks very much. It may feel like work, sometimes, but I like it. *sticks out tongue*

In other other news, I wanted to go to the Aviary today, but the weather is...uncooperative. We're supposed to get more snow later on.

Where's Spring, dammit?

05:05 pm

Okay, I'm very very happy that our fridge is once again working the way it should be. The Maytag repairman was not lonely last week. And, dude, I totally don't mean that the way it came out.

However, I'm less than thrilled that my refrigerator is freezing my fresh veggies. I've turned it down to THREE (from nine, where we had it before). NO SALAD FOR ME today. Also, I've had to throw out two nearly full bags of fresh spinach, because freezing does bad things to it. Hopefully this third bag will stay in a non-freezy state.

Also, I got another rejection today. Whee. I suppose I should report the response time to the Black Hole. I shipped the story (Abducted!Werewolf) off again immediately, but the whole "writing" part of me is starting to get discouraged. I opened the Books Gone Bad doc--there's some good stuff there, but whether it's actual "story" or not is an open question. The markets I'm really wanting to hear back from are being stubbornly silent.

I feel singularly grouchy today.

At least "New Amsterdam" premieres tonight. Of course, if it's any good, Fox will just cancel it after four episodes air. Not that I'm bitter. And there's a new American Idol. Yay. Who am I rooting for again? Oh, yeah. Aussie Dude and Utah Kid. Names? Do they have names?

Oh, and that snow they threatened us with? Never materialized. Blue skies now. If I could have the warmer temperatures to go with those blue skies, that'd be peachy.


ETA: *reads over last couple of entries* I wonder if I'm PMSing. Stupid hormones. And again I say BAH.

11:30 pm

Thanks to the lovely and effulgent ellen_datlow, I think I might have my next story.

Not mouse shows, no.

Faerie shows.

OMG, y'all. My brain is weird.

This will require research and note-taking. But I have idea and plot wrapped up in a big shiny bow, here, and I think I can make it funny as well. The foibles of dog-show people will, I think, translate well. Throw in some faerie-rights activists...

This can be either the subplot or even the main plot of my Rural Fantasy fic. It's definitely starting to take shape in my mind, here. *leashes Flaubert and Antubis before they get away*

And again I say HAH.