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March 6th, 2008

07:33 pm

The Hubby has been looking on eBay for laptops. He has one, but it weighs six pounds and is...problematic to take on trips. So, he's been bidding on Sony VAIO 11.1" notebooks. Since we're notoriously cheap, he's been getting OUTbid, but it's really just a matter of time before he gets one.

I've been looking and drooling at teeny laptops myownself. Mine is considerably smaller than the Hubby's, but it still feels like it weighs a ton at the end of the day at a Con. So, something easy to travel with, that I can just write and surf the web on, would be ideal. The ASUS EEE is a-freaking-dorable, but it's got a teeny tiny keyboard and wouldn't be easy to type on.

And then the Hubby pointed me at the Sony Picturebook. And I got a little flail-y. It's so teeny! And cute! And OMG I wanted one. Yes, it's a bit old, but just for a travel machine? It seems like a good fit.

And now I'm going to have one.


11:14 pm
Okay, this is weird...

I can't go to Google, Yahoo, Whois, or Weather.com. When I try to get my Gmail, it sends me to this really funky login page. For a minute there I was wondering if I'd been hacked, but the lovely and effulgent bigsciencybrain says that the IP is ... my own router.

I can also get into my Yahoo email, and YIM is working just fine. Just, not Yahoo's homepage.

I've rebooted my computer, my computer's modem, and the modem modem.

I'm hoping it's an ISP issue that will be cleared up in the morning. If not, they'll be getting a call from me. I need my gmail.