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March 9th, 2008

08:51 pm
*crosses arms*

The internets is failing to entertain me. My gmail inbox remains stubbornly empty. The Hubby is gone, Da Boy in bed. If this keeps up, I may have to actually *gasp* write something.

Which, I've done a new paragraph in my Faerie Show Fic. I broke a hundred words! Go, me? Now, if only I had a plot...

10:19 pm
Oops, I did it again...

I have a great set-up for a screwball comedy.

And no plot.

Not only that, but one of the classic elements of a screwball comedy is romance, right? My two main characters (so far) are a gray-haired grandmother and a (much younger) former football player. Yeah, I suck at romance.

And I've gotten stalled several times. Once was on description, which, as you may or may not know, I also suck at. I'm picturing my former football player as this enormous African-American guy, because breaking stereotypes is fun. But this is a faerie show. Are we in the United States? I'm picturing a "yes" with that, but it might be jarring to describe him as "African-American." Augh.

I finally solved that problem, only to realize that I'm completely stuck on what those little plastic critter totes that you see in pet stores, generally holding some sort of tarantula, are called. Off to Petsmart's website I hied for that info. To find out that they're called, aptly enough, "critter totes."

And I still have no plot. I have two hundred and forty-three words, and no plot.

The lovely and effulgent irfikos has suggested a faerie-napping. What with the picketers and the competitive nature of the show, this is not out of the question--I was already going to have my picketers do one of those "let's release the poor exploited faeries" things. In the confusion, one (or more) could go unaccounted for. I'm not sure this works for the A plot, but it can definitely be one element.

Okay. I no longer think I suck (as much). I have stuff percolating. Instead of a human romance, I could do a faerie one, where the kidnapped faeries find comfort in one another. Of course, they'll be completely incompatible breeds...

And now I not only have to come up with breed standards, but I have to figure out how they reproduce. Do they give live birth? How many? Lay eggs? What's the gestation period?

AUGH. Why do I do this to myself???