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March 10th, 2008

11:31 am
Only in Alaska...

Would something like this happen.

In other news, I need to go grocery shopping today. And the weather looks pretty nice today, so maybe I'll take Da Boy on a field trip, birdwatching. He's been agitating for such for awhile. I'd like to find someplace relatively close to the house; fortunately, this is a great resource. Decker Lake looks like a good spot, although I want to visit Cougar Park too.

05:31 pm

But I wanted it today...

Yeah, we went to Cougar Park and grocery shopping today. We saw three doves at the park, and that was the sum total of birds. However, we also saw coyote poop, deer poop, mouse trails, and gopher mounds, along with wolf spiders. And we engaged in some cleanup, because trash apparently gets blown into the park a lot. So it wasn't a total loss. We saw the bones of something that had died there as well, but the skull was missing so we don't know what it was. Leg bones were pretty decent sized; might have been a dog, or a coyote. I allowed Da Boy to bring one home.

And then I got home to a notice on my doorstep. My little laptop is in town. I can pick it up tomorrow. Usually the mail carrier gets here before two, and we left somewhere around three. *sigh*