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March 11th, 2008

12:42 am

I just watched the space shuttle take off, live, on the internet. And I got Da Boy up for it too, because how often do we get to see something like this?

Also, bigsciencybrain's fiance-critter worked on one of the payloads with a USU team, so it's kind of personal, this time.

This space stuff might be old hat to you young whippersnappers, but we didn't get to the moon until after I was born, so I still think it's neato.

03:42 pm

Considering how my day has gone, this icon seems particularly apropos:

Aye well. I get to go to the post office and the comic store today. There's a new Serenity comic out! *dances*

I've gotten nothing written today. I added all of two words to the Faerie Show Fic yesterday. I'm feeling remarkably blah right now, considering the fact that I have TWO things to look forward to.