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March 12th, 2008

01:51 pm
I am holding...

...in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers...

My new (old) Sony VAIO Picturebook.

And it's little. And cute. And light. OMG, y'all, this may be the perfect traveling laptop. Seriously, the keyboard is 9 1/4" long and 3 1/2" wide. And the whole thing is a little under ten inches long and six inches wide.

That is, if I don't have to wrestle with it for two hours (like I did this morning) in order to get its internet working. For some reason, it was not liking the PC card...and then it randomly decided that it was all right after all.

I don't get computers.

Now, the thing is old. It's running Win98, with a PII chip, and 64megs of RAM. I'm wondering if I can upgrade the RAM; I've seen some on eBay, but I wouldn't know how to install it.

Also, it doesn't like my (newer) Memorex thumb drives. I was wanting to use the machine to write with when I'm on the road, so that was a problem--until I realized that I can email the files to myself, DUH. Yay, technology.

Anyway, I think I'm going to like this machine. :)

05:10 pm
American Idol!

...is still bringing the blah and the meh.

Seriously, there's not a Bo Bice in the bunch. There's not a single person in the competition this year that I'd be actively upset to see voted off. I don't even have anyone to loathe (Hi, Sanjaya!). I have people I kind of like (Tattooed Chick, Angry Rocker Girl, That Aussie Dude, and the Utah Kid--what, they have names?), but I can't be arsed to remember their names or what they sing from week to week.

I'd love to see someone break out and do something daring, like an a capella song, a song with just one instrument. That one girl tried last night with the (so-called) country arrangement of that one song (see what I mean?), but it was a trainwreck because the music was so bad--it would have worked with her voice had the drummer not been taking methamphetamines or something. Seriously, what was that?

In other news, I just finished reading 1632, by Eric Flint, and it's brilliant. The basic gist is that a modern coal-mining town, and its immediate environs, in West Virginia is transplanted wholesale to 1632 Western Europe, in the middle of the 30-Year's War. They decide that they're going to bring the American Revolution a couple hundred years early, and since they're well-armed and well-educated (compared to the people they've been thrust among)... Well, you can see where that's going.

And it's very pro-America. Which makes a refreshing change.

07:22 pm
*falls over laughing*

We all get penis spam, right? Whether we have one or not, whether we like them or not. I probably dump two or three a day (yes, that's all--Yahoo's spam filter has gotten much better of late).

However, this is the first time I've gotten one titled not remotely safe for work, but you can probably work it out by what followsCollapse )

I just looked it up, because I'm odd that way. (Of course, I was laughing before I looked it up, but I wanted the inevitable LJ post about this to be accurate.) An elephant's penis can be up to six and a half feet in length.

How would a human use such a thing? Pants would be a problem. He'd need a wheelbarrow to cart it around. I've actually seen pictures of this (elephantiasis photos in my Parasites class in college), and it ain't pretty. Women would run screaming in the other direction. It wouldn't fit, even if you could get a woman to lie still long enough to try.

Seriously, spammers, if you want to sell me penis-enhancers (even though I don't own one myself; that whole "two shall become one flesh" only goes so far), making me go into a mad fit of giggles is probably not the way to do it.

09:06 pm
Okay, this is just lame.

All aboard the FailBoat. New LJ accounts created after today will either have to be ad-supported or paid. No more Basic Accounts for you!

This doesn't affect existing users--yet. And I understand the reasoning, from a business standpoint.

HOWEVER. Hiding it in the FAQs? Conspicuously not mentioning it in the latest news post? Leaving it for users to dig out ourselves? Making the excuse that they're "streamlining the process for new users because it was 'confusing' before"? Ignoring the fact that existing users create new accounts all the time?


You can still create a Basic Account up until midnight your time, apparently. I would encourage people to do so. In fact, I may make one for my fic. Nevermind. I just attempted to do that, and I didn't have the option for a Basic Account. I would also encourage everyone on my flist who has an ad-supported account to switch to a Basic account, as a protest, and spread the word. I don't have a lot of readers here, but some of you do.

*shakes head* Sneaky and underhanded. Tch.