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March 14th, 2008

07:20 pm
All right.

It's time for my Inner Sadistic Bitch to crawl back into her hole. I think the Giant Bugs story is as done as I'm going to make it. I'll run through it one more time and then send it off to the wilds of Writers of the Future. Fly, be free, little story!

And now I must coax forth my Inner Slapstick Comedienne. Because the Faerie Show Fic is screwball comedy all the way, and I need to work on it now. Finishing it before the month is out would be peachy

In other news, we've decided to keep Da Boy (*snerk*), so we gave him a real bed today. This entailed yanking the bed the Hubby built, lo, many years ago, out of the spare bedroom and into Da Boy's room. Of course, that meant taking it apart, because the thing is frelling HUGE. And then we had to completely rearrange Da Boy's room, because that bed only goes against the wall one way, and of course every stick of furniture he had was against that wall.

Yeah, my back is going to be unhappy tomorrow. In fact, it's not real happy right now. *mainlines naproxen*

We're also making Moab Jeep Safari plans. The weather looks...cooperative. And then next month, if the Hubby gets the first layer of shifts he's picked out, he'll have a week off and we can go to San Diego and visit the toucan place.