March 18th, 2008

wolf eyes

The Hubby went through the Giant Bugs story this morning...

And he likes it.

A lot.

*does a little dance*

Naturally, he's given me some more suggestions. And I'm gleefully incorporating them. Also, I realized that they wouldn't send a regular cop to arrest her--more than likely, this would be an FBI matter. This is one of the more simple changes. Most of the other stuff is just adding on here and there and figuring out a graceful way to do it.

I've also named the orca, and the boat. Because it's more personal that way. Never let it be said that I'm afraid of gut-punching my characters.
wolf eyes

Of course...

Now that my "cop" is an "FBI agent" I have a whole new set of problems. However, Google is my friend, and I've discovered that it's not necessary to put periods in that particular abbreviation. If I was just publishing the thing on the web, I wouldn't care, but I'm sending it to professional editor types, and I don't want to unduly annoy them.

In other news, I received my replacement Schlock Mercenary t-shirt today (they had curing problems in the batch I bought from, which resulted in massive design fading), and they included some really nifty little buttons. Buttons make everything better.

And American Idol continues to bring the blah and the meh. Seriously not caring about these people. Some of these kids are good, and I have people I'll be sad to see go, but no one it would fill me with ragefulness if they got voted off (y, hello thar, Chris Daughtry!).

Also, Arthur C. Clarke, one of the Grand Old Masters of SF, died today. :(
Numfar: Dance of Joy


WHEREAS, I've dealt with all the problems I can find. WHEREAS, I've excised words enough to fit it onto eighteen pages, because the nineteenth page just had a couple of lines on it and I thought that was rather stupid. WHEREAS, it's formatted.

THEREFORE, I am calling the Giant Bugs story DONE. I shall print it out, address an envelope, insert a SASE with a Forever Stamp (as postal rates are going up--again--on May 15 or thereabouts), and ship it off tomorrow to Writers of the Future.

*nods firmly*

For the record, I'm back to liking it again. This may change if I have problems printing it.