March 19th, 2008

wolf eyes


  • The Giant Bugs story is formatted, printed, and ready to mail. Of course, it wouldn't be me if something didn't go wrong. This time, I forgot to put the word count on the cover page. D'oh! 'Tis fixed.
  • We're going to Moab tomorrow for the Easter Jeep Safari. We'll be gone for five or six days, probably with little or no internet access. So, if I'm scarce, that's why.
  • This means that we need to get paid, pay the bills, pack, get road snacks, hit the comic store (TWO! comics out today), stop the mail... I'm sure there's stuff in there I'm missing.
  • Hubby has a week off next month, which means a San Diego trip is GO as soon as I hear back from Jerry at Emerald Gardens. He's going to Costa Rica for two weeks next month, so hopefully he'll be there when the Hubby's off. We'll also visit the zoo and wild animal park. No idea yet whether we'll take the Cessna or go Delta; depends on loads.

    Those of you on my flist who are snail mailing subs to magazines know that postal rates are going up (again), and you should either put extra postage on the return envelope or use Forever Stamps, right?
  • wolf eyes

    The Giant Bugs fic...

    is shipped to Writers of the Future. We're going to Moab tomorrow. No doubt we've forgotten...something. I still need to pack, but I'm getting there. And while there, I shall work on the Faerie Show fic. *nods firmly* I may even finish it.