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March 25th, 2008

06:50 pm
Back from Moab!

OMG, I love that place. I will have flailing and pix and all sorts of stuff later on. Right now I just need to catch up with my flist (HA! Journals only, no comms or feeds for this one, folks). Also, AI is on tonight.

Fun was had, trucks were wheeled, things got broke, strange and new things were seen, Da Boy's birthday was celebrated, and massive amounts of food got consumed. The Willys did great with the new tires (we OWNED Potato Salad Hill, baby. TWICE.)

I was social instead of holing up in the motor home, so I got absolutely no writing done. I did manage to find some books of Dave Wolverton's at a used bookstore, and a WotF volume I didn't have before. That...seems to have been the sum total of shopping I did.

Anyway. Yes. Details to come. Watch this space.