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March 28th, 2008

10:24 am

The World Horror Convention has begun. In Salt Lake City.

And I can't go.


The Hubby has to work this weekend, and I have no one I can ask to watch Da Boy ALL DAY LONG for three days. We're solving this problem for CONduit by flying him out to Texas to stay with his aunt, but no can do this time.

Yes, I'm feeling a bit whiny about this. Especially as I could have got in for the whole weekend for $25 as a volunteer. Wah.

In other news, some of you know that I do an hour a day/burn 500 calories on my stationary recumbent bike. Last night? I ripped out those 500 calories with eight seconds to spare in one session. I usually take two to four, depending on the day. The day before yesterday, I did one 35-minute session and one 25-minute session. I've heard that runners who train a lot can double their usual distance, and I now tend to give that some credence.

We went and saw Horton Hears a Who yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was terribly afraid they'd butcher it, but they did a great job. It's my favorite Seuss book ("A person's a person, no matter how small" tickles my little pro-life heart), and this one is definitely going in the DVD collection.

Also, I will get some writing done today. And I will also call my dad, whose birthday it is. We have four and a half hours of school to do (starting cursive today, and oh my gosh the whining!). Somewhere in there I'd like to go pick up my copy of "Everybody's Dead" that the comic store is holding for me. Food. Food would be good, as the cupboards are somewhat bare.

AUGH. At least I've caught up with my flist, mostly?