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March 29th, 2008

02:29 pm
Well, CRAP.

I just looked at a couple of my fics on FFN. I've been using :-: as a scene break, figuring that those are perfectly acceptable forms of punctuation that wouldn't be stripped by their stupid 'bot.

Apparently I was wrong.

And I'm damned if I'm going to go back over more than sixty stories and fix it. In fact, this tempts me mightily to remove my stories from the site entirely. I'd hate losing my reviews, though, and I still get random people favoriting and commenting.

I just don't understand why they do this. the HR tag is ugly as sin and I do use it--to set the story off from the Author Notes. Using it inside the story would be jarring.


03:27 pm
I just fired off a letter to FFN.

To Whom It May Concern:

I just looked at a few of my stories to find that ALL of my scene breaks have been stripped. I have over sixty fics on the site, and it would be brutally difficult and time-consuming to go back through them and put in the "officially supported" (not to mention ugly and jarring) HR. I use the HR to separate the actual story from the Author's Notes; having it within the story isn't something I wish to do. Maybe if it didn't stretch all the way across the page, it wouldn't be as bad. Scene breaks in professionally published books don't have a line across the entire page, and standard manuscript format calls for a simple, centered pound sign. Why do you care if I break my scenes the way I want them broken?

I realize that it's been a long time since I've uploaded anything to the site, so perhaps my complaint will fall on deaf ears. However, people are still finding, reviewing, and favoriting my stories. That being said, I'm seriously tempted to remove my fics from the site altogether, because your policies are getting frankly ridiculous.



I'm sure I'll get an answer sometime when hell freezes over. They've got a thing on the front page saying We do not support dash or other character based section/scene markers. If you wish to create a separation in your chapter, please use the officially supported horizontal line feature in our document editor or in your favorite word program. Yeah, well, that's nice. You know what would be nicer? Leaving my scene breaks the way I put them originally, in all sixty-three of my stories.