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March 31st, 2008

11:00 am

I'm about ready to rip my girly bits out with a rusty pitchfork and sell them to the highest bidder. Anyone want a uterus? I only used it once. Cut for girly TMI.Collapse )

09:30 pm
We can haz plans!

The Tracy Aviary is having a free day tomorrow to thank us for raising our own taxes. We're going to go and take advantage of that, and make it a field trip. It'll be chilly, but worth it, I think. They have four species of toucans!

Next week, we're going to San Diego to visit the Zoo, the Aviary, and Emerald Gardens. After that, we'll make a final decision on the aracari. My main questions at this point have to do with feeding the critter, honestly. I know it eats fruit, but how much does a bird that weighs as much as a cheeseburger consume in a day?

We also want to visit Yellowstone sometime toward the beginning of May, possibly making a motor home trip out of it and pulling the PT behind us. We have a friend who may or may not accompany us on the trip. BABY ANIMALS!!!

And I found a very useful Calendar of Events that are kid-friendly and educational. Antelope Island is having some interesting things later in the month, and I've also found a new wildlife center that we need to visit.

Looks like a busy Spring!

Now, if the weather would just turn a leetle cooperative...

In other news, New Amsterdam bored the crap out of me this week. I'm not sure I'd bother tuning in next week if we were going to be home. It's gone from "Hey, this is kind of neat" to a big fat "MEH." The fact that the Love of His Life is separated from her husband because he's a lying cheating bastard does not mitigate the fact that John Amsterdam himself is a lying cheating bastard--we found out this week that not only is he currently sleeping with a married woman (even if she's separated, separated /= divorced), he once cheated on one of his wives with (of all women) a "lady" (I use the term loosely) he was painting.

So, yeah. Way to NOT get me on his side, people. FAIL. Making me root for your character--ur doin it rong.