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April 5th, 2008

10:43 am

Remember my angry letter to FFN about stripping my scene breaks?

They're back. Not that FFN ever actually replied to me, but I have my scene breaks back and this pleases me immensely. Probably more than it should.

On the writing front? I got nothin'. I'm starting to wonder if the Muses haven't gone on permanent hiatus...

10:12 pm

Yeah, those anteaters stealing D'Argo's sanity? Those would be Antubis and Flaubert. I'm beginning to wonder if they've gone on permanent hiatus.

Seriously. I now have six (count 'em!) WIP's, plus two with ends at the bottom that are cesspits of SUCK. And no words are flowing for any of them. The new one? I'm chock full of ideas for it, but I have no overarching plot, no theme, no idea where it's going or how it's going to end, and no reason, really, to write the thing. Other than I wanted to do something "light" in the vein of a screwball comedy.

Yeah, how's that workin' out for ya?

NOT WELL. THANKS FOR ASKING. I have five hundred words of SUCK.

I do "dark" pretty good. I'm beginning to think I suck at humor. Suck at writing, really, because, yeah, I'm back to hating the Giant Bugs story again.

Of course, to suck at writing, you have to actually, you know...write. And there's been precious little of that going on around here lately.

Frell, frak, dren. GET YOUR FUZZY BUTTS BACK IN MY HEAD WHERE THEY BELONG, YOU LAYABOUT ANTEATERS. I see you over there in the corner, eating chocolate-covered ants, drinking absinthe, and sniggering.


10:49 pm
Aw, damn.

I'm seeing via Scalzi that Charlton Heston has died.

NO. YOU MAY NOT MAKE SOYLENT GREEN FROM HIM. I think he'd appreciate the icon, though.

Rest in peace, Charlton. We'll miss you.