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April 6th, 2008

01:03 am
Pissy rants FTW!

Since I posted my little writing rant, I've written 560 words in the Faerie Show fic. I've moved my (so-called) plot forward (microscopically) and gotten some (ugly-ass) exposition out of the way.

I'm noticing a pattern here. I'll post a rant about how I'm not getting any writing done, and then I'll actually...get some writing done. It's like a motivator or something. I berate the Muses in public, and then they go "We'll show you!"

Hey, man. Whatever it takes.

12:03 pm
Holy CRAP!

Here's another video of the commentary of it happening live.Collapse )

Before you watch this amazing wreck (which happened in qualifying Friday at the Texas Motor Speedway), I want you to know that the driver walked to the ambulance under his own power and is racing today. The safety features are just amazing in these cars, and the "safer barrier" on the track has saved lives.