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April 15th, 2008

11:53 am
In other news...

As most of you know, I like to find fiction contests and post them here. I just discovered one from AlienSkin Magazine that some of you might be interested in.

They're hosting a Terrifying Toys Contest. The genre is horror, the length (which is set in stone) is 900-1000 words, and the action must center around a toy--something designed as a plaything or frivolous object. It must be associated with ghostly or demonic activity, and it needs a motive other than "kill everyone." Whatever is possessing it can't make it do something it wasn't built to do. It can give the illusion of expression on an immobile face, but if it has no means of movement, then it can't physically move. Voices are allowed, but the toy's mouth won't move unless it's jointed. ONE EXCEPTION: A non-mobile toy can appear in different places, but can't move when watched.

So. 900-1000 words, possessed toy, and... GO. The prize for the winner is $50, and the deadline is midnight, July 30.

In other news, for the fanfic writers on my flist, apocalyptothon and cya_ficathon are gearing up again.

03:20 pm

Rambling about the stimulus payment, word pronunciation, the wacky wacky weather, and my horrible girly bits.Collapse )
For something completely different, I've discovered an object lesson in how a professional writer should not act under any circumstances.

Exhibit A: u have an attitude. then what the hell do you publish lip service? I don't need you.

Exhibit B: I have been published all over this world I don't need you attitude so I deleted your ass and have a good trip.

Exhibit C: Assholes like you are only amusing. And no, I don't need to watch what I say to editors. I am an editor of four publications. I have also published my poems 706 times in the last 14 months, in over 200 publications. Guidelines are important, but not to the point of exlusion for their own sake; over quality of submissions, or, even a novice such as myself to flash fiction.

These are all from the same guy, to two different publications...after he got rejected for sending them something completely out of guideline. Apex Digest doesn't publish poetry, and AlienSkin doesn't publish stories under 500 words, unless they're in the "micro" category, in which case they must be exactly 150 words.

But apparently Mr. Michael Lee Johnson thinks that he is a Very Special Snowflake, and the guidelines don't apply to him! After all, he's been published at a vanity press Lulu! You'd think that these would be the actions of a spoiled 18-year-old kid.

You'd be wrong. According to his profile on Blogger, he's sixty.