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April 16th, 2008

01:09 am

The Dresden Files comic should be on shelves tomorrow.

Except for the part where I've got two comic stores with online thingies telling me what they've got in for this week, and neither of them have it.


If I can't get these, I'm going to be very put out...

In other comic news, the third Doctor Who comic is also out tomorrow. Seeing as we're going to be finishing up with S3 very soon (yay, library DVDs!), I'll actually get to read them now.

In other other comic news, I saw the cover for the Spike: After the Fall #2 today, and, dudes! That is a shiny, shiny thing.

10:52 am
Speaking of comics...

I read issue 2 of the Serenity: Better Days comic last night.

Oh my GAWD, y'all.

Major spoilers under the cut.Collapse )Seriously, if you're a fan of the show, you need this comic. So much awesome here.

07:32 pm
So, I scanned a couple of images from the new Serenity comic.

And I post them here for your viewing amazement. Be sure you have nothing in your mouth before viewing; I'm not responsible for soda up your nose or Cheeto crumbs on your screen. Need I say, spoilerish? Also, not dialup friendly; these are pretty big.

River's and Book's fantasies.Collapse )