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April 17th, 2008

09:41 am
I have a doctor's appointment in an hour.


However, this is a good thing. I've been wanting to rip my girly bits out with a rusty pitchfork for, oh, the last year or so. I've got mood swings like whoa, and my hair is not sticking to my head the way it ought. And I had fifteen periods last year.

So...yeah. Time to let the GYN poke me. *sigh* I hope it's something easy to fix.

02:30 pm
Stupid body.

Apparently I'm just getting old. Diagnosis so far is "pre-menopausal."


So we can deal with the early periods a few different ways. I can go back on birth control. I can just live with it. Or I can have an ablation.

You know, there's been times, lately, when I've wanted to set my damn uterus on fire. The ablation doesn't sound like a bad option.

But for now, I'm just going to live with it.

In other news, I apparently waited too long to get my Doctor Who comic, because both branches of Night Flight were sold out. They didn't want to do a pre-pay on it (even though they're ordering more) because, apparently, they're having trouble getting them in and don't want me paying for something that may not show up. I thought about going to another store, but these guys are always so nice to me, and I don't want him ordering an extra and then not buy it...So I didn't check any other stores. I can't read them yet anyway, because I'm not done with S3 of Who.

And either the Dresden comic didn't ship this week, or they didn't get it. It's on order, and I did prepay for that one, so when it gets in they'll have one for me. I just realized, while typing this entry, that there's two variant covers for it...and I didn't specify. Oh well, they're both awesome.

And I did pick up my Angel: After the Fall #6. So at least I have that. And another Writers of the Future at the used bookstore, since I was, you know, in the area and it seemed silly not to stop in.

07:18 pm

I just realized that the Faerie Show fic, rather than being the screwball comedy I wanted, is actually a mystery.

I've never written one of those before.


However, I read plenty of them, so I should be able to muddle through. Right? I have suspects, and I even know whodunit and (more importantly) whydunit. And I just thought of someone else, which tied in nicely with having one of my protag's relatives as a Faerie Rights Activist.

I can do this. *cracks knuckles*