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April 21st, 2008

01:09 am
Well. That's something.

I figured out why my word processor was being all wonky. Had to do with "widowed and orphaned" lines. Somehow the default got turned on to "don't allow this." So, the doc is fixed and formatted. Now all I have to do is save it as an .rtf file and ship it off to the next market.


01:06 pm
Back on the horse.

The Merc&theSnake fic has been sent to Clarkesworld.

The Werewolf Fic has been sent to Coach's Midnight Diner.

Last night, I was ready to put my fist through my laptop screen. *loathes hormones and the way they make me overreact to, like, everything* Today, I shall buckle down and WRITE.

Hear that? I will write at least 250 words.

Flist, I'm counting on you to THUMP me if I don't.

Also, some interesting discussion here and here about email vs snail mail subs. My own take on it is that I only have six or seven snail mail markets that I'm actually likely to sub to, and usually half of them are eliminated right off the bat by virtue of content (I'm not going to send a fantasy to Analog or hard SF to Realms of Fantasy) or word count.

Honestly, it's only a couple of bucks to ship off a snail mail sub, and what with the "no multiple subs" policy the snail mail markets have, I don't really see what the issue is. The Big Three are the Big Dogs, and I'm darned if I'm going to cut myself out of their markets because of some notion that they should get with the program and take esubs.

On the other hand, the markets that take esubs can be rage-inducing. It seems like many of them not only want us to write for them, they want us to be their (unpaid!) typesetters as well. While the majority of them like standard formatting just fine, others want italics instead of underline. Some want block paragraphs with a space between and no indent...others want the same but with the indent. Some want one space after a period, others want two. Next thing you know, they'll be specifying if they want the Oxford comma (which I stubbornly cling to because it looks wrong to me to leave it off) or not!

And then there are the ones who want the sub in the body of the email instead of as an attachment. Some have a webform. Some want .rtf, some want .doc.

Is it bad that I kind of long for the good old days I never had the opportunity to participate in because it could be formatted the same for everyone? Argh.

And...that turned kind of ranty. Um. Sorry.