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April 24th, 2008

11:17 am

Coming down pretty hard too. I hate April. It's the worst month EVER in Utah.

Anyone else gobsmacked at the American Idol results? Spoilers ahoy...Collapse )

In other news, we finished S3 of Who last night (yay for our outstanding library). This show has the ability to make me cry like a baby and giggle like a madwoman within a five-minute period. FACE OF BOE, y'all. That will NEVER GET OLD. *is still giggling*

Okay. Today, I must hack the word count on the Bunny From Hell story down to below a thousand words. Wish me luck.

Hey, look, it stopped snowing. A ten-minute storm. ETA: Nevermind, it's still coming down. Just not blizzard-y.

12:51 pm

For, lo, I am ze Queen of Ze Drabbles. I have whacked my word count down to 985 from 1064. And it "only" took an hour.

I'll probably run it past the Hubby before running it past the Concrit Group, but I'm pretty pleased with it. *evil laughter*

02:49 pm
I have lots of editors on my flist...

and one of them is the handsome and talented Nick Mamatas, also known as nihilistic_kid. And sometimes they have entries of interest to writers, such as this one, in which he laments what he refers to as "fantatwee"--fantasy that's, for lack of a better word, cutesy. In fact, I sent him the BeeFic, and the complimented me on the fact that it wasn't cutesy--and rejected it anyway for other reasons.

That being said, just because it's not right for one market doesn't mean it's not right for another. What will garner a rejection from Clarkesworld, Nick points out, often garners a sale from Fantasy. So, tailoring subs to markets is important too.

The handsome and talented douglascohen, who is the slush reader for Realms of Fantasy, explodes some myths here, and talks about the futility of arguing with editors here.