April 25th, 2008

wolf eyes


I have a title for the Bunny From Hell story, suggested by the Hubby, who is a genius, y'all. I'm...not sharing it, though. Because I'm mean. He also made a suggestion re: the ending, which I'm still mulling over. I may be posting it for the Concrit Group to tear into later today. I need to escalate the "creepy" factor before I do that, though.

The handsome and talented douglascohen has a poll up about snail mail vs email subs. Profic writers, go forth and vote and comment. You know you want to.

My gmail inbox remains empty. Woe.

"Lost" continues to rock my socks, y'all. That is some tasty tasty crack, and hey, dude who plays Ben? Here's your Emmy, man. Also, there's a new "Numb3rs" tonight, in case there's anyone on my flist besides bigsciencybrain who cares.

I have some new folks on my flist. *waves* I tag everything (mostly for my own record-keeping, especially as regards my fiction), so if there's a tag that piques your interest, click it and you can see everything I've ever written on the subject.

The Hubby bought a Dodge Durango yesterday, one of the old-style ones (because the new ones, although they have a Hemi, are butt-ugly). This may give him actual incentive to put the Willys on the block. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, nothing will ever be as cool as the Willys. NOTHING. On the other hand, we're getting old and comfort is a premium. I just hope he builds the Durango up so we can actually go jeeping in it.

We talked some more about the aracari last night, and I'm finally coming around to the viewpoint that the Hubby is right: The Green Aracari is (very slightly) prettier than the Ivory-Billed. The beak is just way more colorful. Do I lose Wife Cred for admitting he's right?
wolf eyes

*beats Antubis*

AUGH. My Evil Bunny has a serious lack of motivation here, which has been pointed out by...oh, just about everyone who's commented on it.

*tears out hair*

Part of my problem is that I didn't want to go for the obvious thing that the story points toward. So it takes a sharp left turn into WTF-ville, and I don't set it up enough. The other part of the problem is that I've only got a thousand words to play with here, so when I add words somewhere, I have to subtract words from somewhere else. And finding places to subtract them from is becoming increasingly difficult. Right now I've got a fifty-word leeway.

It was supposed to be a simple thousand-word horror story. WHAT HAPPENED?

**For those new to my flist, Antubis and Flaubert are my Muses. Antubis is the anteater from Kingdom Hospital, and takes care of the darker stuff; Flaubert is Miss Piggy's pet anteater in Muppet Treasure Island, and he's in charge of funny fic. Yes, they're both anteaters. I...have a *cough* slight obsession. Thus the icon--generally the anteaters stealing my sanity are those two.