April 29th, 2008

wolf eyes

*looks around blearily*

Up way to freakin' early because the Hubby has recurrent training this morning. Gah. And have already gotten in argument with Boy. Whee. :/


I'm looking over the Bunny From Hell fic and wondering if I'm explaining enough in it. Anyone who's read The Velveteen Rabbit knows that the Rabbit actually turns into a real bunny in the end. In this story, Elsie's love for the bunny is enough to awaken him, but not enough to make him Real. And I haven't actually said what the difference is.

And I have one word to play with. Yup, y'all, it's sitting at 999.

*tears hair out*

It's always something. AUGH.

But you know what? I really really like this story. Just a leeetle more tweaking...

It might be as easy as adding a couple of commas to the last line. *ponders*

I was considering whether to send it to other markets before July 30, because that just seems like an awfully long way away, but looking over the ones that'll pay me as much for it as this one will, none of them have response times I'm comfortable with--other than Heliotrope, and they're closed to subs right now. So I guess, once I finish beating this into shape, I'll just ship it off to AlienSkin and cross my fingers.

They've announced the first round of Honorable Mentions at Writers of the Future. I've not gotten a phone call yet. There's a couple of people from Utah on the list. *bites nails*
Schlock Overkill

Boy, this one's not even trying...

Subject: Official Message From United Kingdom

I am Richard Butler,Personal Attorney to Late Engineer Dave,who worked with Shell Oil in UK.On September 11th 2001, my Client along with his entire family perished in an Air-Crash.The deceased had a deposit,valued at £7.2million,the bank issued me a notice to provide the next-of-kin or have the account confiscated.I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin. Your cooperation is needed.

"Late Engineer Dave"??? *falls over laughing* That's gotta be the shortest 419 email I've ever received. Usually they go into tremendous detail about who died, sometimes with a link to a news story about the plane crash.

And why is my cooperation, in particular, needed? I'm not the dude's next of kin. I'm sorely tempted to create a sock email account and string this guy along, ala the 419 Eater. But I won't, because I'm lazy.

If you visit the site, the Letters Archive is comedy gold. This one, especially, had me rolling on the floor. Be sure you have a good chunk of time to spend reading, because it goes on for pages and pages...

REALLY tempted. Something along the lines of OMG! Dave died? When was this? Why didn't anyone tell me before? No wonder I haven't heard from him in so long! Of course I'll do anything I can to expedite the process...
wolf eyes

I've tweaked the BunnyFic again.

I'm going to run it past the Hubby one last time, take any changes he suggests into consideration...

And call it done.

And ship it off.

And then start the next thing. Or finish something I've started. *eyes WIP list* The next Writers of the Future deadline is sneaking up quickly. Still no call from Joni. *crosses fingers*

We're also planning a trip to Yellowstone next week. Whee...

Also, I have a headache that won't go away.