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May 1st, 2008

10:59 am
It's May.

And it's snowing.


05:03 pm
So, we were planning an RV trip...

...to Yellowstone next week. What with school still being in session, and it being the middle of the week, we figured we might just about have the park to ourselves. We called a friend of ours, and he's going to caravan up with us.

And then I checked the forecast.

ICK, y'all.

However. If there's snow on the ground, then that'll make for some unusual pictures for me--I don't go out in the snow, and thus snowy pix are a rarity for me. If I can get shots of the wolves in the snow? That would be awesome. This could be some hard-core nature photography, and if the pix are any good, maybe I could actually sell them.

OTOH, Moab's weather looks pretty peachy, and we've talked about going to Arches and Canyonlands before instead of jeeping. So, that might be an alternative, if we all decide the weather is too sucky to enjoy Yellowstone.

In other news, I've scribbled nearly 200 words on the Faerie Show fic and moved my plot forward microscopically. I want to finish this one in the next two weeks. Thwap me if I don't give you daily updates.