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May 2nd, 2008

10:52 am
*cracks knuckles*

I'm getting back on the horse. Giant Bugs is going to F&SF this afternoon, once I get it all formatted and printed and stuff. I still think it's one of the best things I've ever written. So there.

I'm considering skipping the rest of the first tier publishers for the Abducted!Werewolf story and starting on the second. It's...just one of those weird things I wrote when I was in a weird mood, and my confidence level on it is low. Thinking about The Town Drunk for it. ETA: And it's sent.

Baen's, at last glance, is still closed. Will check later. As soon as I see that they're open again, they're getting the BearFic.

I scribbled 232 words on the Faerie Show fic yesterday. I'll do at least 250 today. Smack me if you see me wasting time by playing Text Twist or something.

06:46 pm
Kinda been the week from hell.

  • Three rejections in two days, not even an Honorable Mention at WotF this time, on a story I thought was my best one yet? Check.

  • Broke a tooth on a Dorito at the drive-in while watching Jodi Foster as a (not-quite sane) writer that I identify far too closely with? Check. ("Nim's Island," for those who want to play at home.)

  • Sore tongue from said broken tooth, which I won't actually be able to get fixed until we get back from Yellowstone because I'm loathe to take Da Boy with me to a several-hours long dental appointment, and the Hubby's gone until Sunday? Check.

  • Printer being wonky while printing out labels? Check.

  • Still fat? Check.

  • Confused over whether Baen's Universe is open or closed? Check.

  • Words written today = zero? Check.

  • Hormones still sucking like big sucking things? Check, check, checkity check.

    Okay, yes. People have bigger problems than I do. Freely acknowledge that. These things are all pretty small. But the small things are beginning to add up to "I hate my life," and that's never a good place to be.

    Therefore, HAPPY THINGS:

  • I have resubbed everything that got rejected, and am poised over Baen's like a big...poised...thing, once they reopen for sure, with the BearFic.

  • This makes me so happy in my pants I can't even describe it. Erm. Spoilery cover of the Spike: After the Fall #3 comic at that link. BUT IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. OMG.

  • New Numb3rs tonight. It's the little things.

  • Free Comic Book Day tomorrow. Also, my copy of "Everybody's Dead" #2 is in.

  • We sold the boat, and I managed to call the insurance company and cancel the insurance on it before they closed today. Not only that, but the agent knew who I was.

  • This is my LJ. I can whine in it if I want to. This probably makes me a giant goober, but I don't care.

  • I am going to have a good time at Yellowstone, if it kills me, y'all. Also made a reservation for the DingDog at the doggy hotel, and they recognized me too. I should get a "frequent stayer" card or something...

  • Toucans. Toucans are happy things.

  • This, from a (not-proofread) dentist flyer we got in the mail: ...providing the newest dental techniques and state of the art equipment in order to meet the needs of each patient with advanced, comfortable and gentile dental care. *snerk* This is Utah, and so it has more meaning than it would elsewhere.

  • Operation Chaos continues to wreak havoc in the Democratic Party. Hillary looks like she's going to stay in until the Bitter End. The GOP shit-stirrer in me is made unreasonably happy by this. If the media is going to pick our candidate, then by golly we can have some fun at their expense.

    Anyway. How's your week been?