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May 4th, 2008

01:43 am
Sorry for the spammage...

But I've done 622 words on the Faerie Show fic, bringing my count up to 3130. I've moved the plot forward again and thrown up a couple more red herrings--or, actually, set up the red herrings. I haven't put them in yet, but I know what they are and where they go.

So, that accomplishes my writing goal for the day, and now I can go to bed with a clear conscience.

10:54 am
How not to get published in one easy step!

Send an agent a long screed berating them for their polite (form) rejection, comparing yourself to Spielberg and Poe. Yeah, that'll do it. Especially when you didn't send them a writing sample, as outlined in their submission guidelines.

And this guy is obviously different from that other guy. This one can actually spell, and permutations of the word "ass" are conspicuously absent. ETA (after reading it again): Whoops, the word is there, but in a different context, and the letter is spelled properly, so I'm still going with my impression that it's a different guy.

So, hey, all you writers that take rejection personally, and feel the need to write to editors and agents telling them how butthurt you are? Y'all just keep on doing that. Because it'll make people like me, who don't feel the need to whine about rejections except in our personal blog under f-lock, stand out as someone they actually want to deal with.

Remember, it's a buyer's market out there.

(Seen via Scalzi.)

07:58 pm

So, we're going to Yellowstone tomorrow, right? And I was supposed to pack the motorhome with food and drink and coats and all that happy horse poo, right?

Well, taking the motorhome was contingent upon a friend of ours being able to caravan up with us. He's got a travel trailer, he was going to haul it with his six-passenger pickup truck, and we'd drive around the park in that. This would mean that we could just park the motorhome and not have to, you know...drive it around.

Well, friend can't make it. And now I don't know if we're still going to take the motorhome, or do the "road trip in the new vehicle" thing that we tradionally do and get a hotel room. And of course, I can't get ahold of Hubby to ask because he's flying.

I guess I can stage everything like it's going to the motorhome, and then it's easy to just take it out if we're going to.

I'll do that.

09:04 pm
Well, I've got everything staged...

And, after discussing it with the Hubby, it looks like Yellowstone is a PROBABLY NOT and Moab is a PROBABLY YES. The handsome and talented jimvanpelt, who lives just a hop, skip, and jump from there in Grand Junction, says that the flowers are a-bloomin'. And I love seeing the cacti flowers.

So, I'm checking hotels to see what's the what in both places. Arches National Park has bighorn sheep, which may have babies this time of year. And we've never been to Canyonlands, even though we've been going to Moab for...gah, years, so we'll want to see that and Dead Horse Point too. We spend so much time jeeping in Moab that we never do the sightseeing touristy stuff.

o.O Hotels in Moab are expensive...