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May 5th, 2008

08:30 am
We decided...

What with one thing and another, to go to Moab instead of Yellowstone this week. Since Friend can't make it, we thought it would make more sense to go where the nice weather is, and wait a few weeks for it to warm up and stop snowing in Wyoming.

So, we're off today. Back Thursday. Internet access will be spotty at best and probably nonexistant, as we're staying at the Motel 6 because we're cheap that way. I find it terribly ironic that it's cheaper to stay in West Yellowstone than it is to stay in Moab.

09:18 pm
Yay! Moab!

We saw bighorn sheep!

And lots of lizards.

And I'm pretty sure I saw a kangaroo rat. It was round and tan colored and bouncy, anyway. Alas, he disappeared before I could get a picture.

I got a really nice shot of a raven in flight.


The weather is perfect. The arches in Arches National Park are beautiful. Seriously, folks, this place needs to be on your "Places to Visit Before I Die" list.

Eddie McStiff's for dinner, where I had the California Buffalo Burger and the Hubby shared a pizza with Da Boy.

We're going to finish Arches up tomorrow and then go to Canyonlands the next day.

I'm so glad we're here. I love this place.

09:39 pm
Quick Pix!

Yes, I know I haven't posted pix from the Jeep Safari or the San Diego trip yet, but these were quick and easy to fix up and upload.

Not even remotely dial-up friendly...Collapse )