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May 6th, 2008

10:10 pm

We hiked TEN MILES today, y'all. O M to the maximum G. I hurt so much. We did the Devil's Garden trail and then hiked up to the Delicate Arch.

However, I got some fabulous pix of scenery, birds, lizards, and plants, and two different kinds of squirrels. I got an amazing shot of a longhorn beetle in a wild poppy-type flower. I don't have time to post them today because we didn't get in until about an hour ago, and I just got caught up with my flist (journals only, no comms, mainly skimmed, sorry), and the toucan list was really active today and I came home to nearly 60 unread messages in my inbox. I'm still catching up with that.

We ate at the Moab Brewery, which is always a good choice. Service wasn't the best tonight, but they were busy and the food was fabulous. So much love for the mixed sausage grill. OMG YUM.

Tomorrow, we're going to Canyonlands National Park, which we've never been to. I think we're going to stick to staying in the car mostly, because, seriously. OW. Major pain here. But since we've never been, we can get a good overview of the park and see what's there to see, and maybe next time we can do a hike or two.