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May 7th, 2008

09:22 pm
*and iz ded*

Only hiked about three miles today. My legs are unhappy with me about yesterday. Alas, the hotel hot tub didn't actually help much.

But Canyonlands National Park is gorgeous. Not as gorgeous, IMO, as Arches, but the scenery there is wicked awesome. If you go, be sure and take your own water. We forgot ours, and they don't have any for free in the park because it has to be trucked in. And, while it's not ridiculously expensive (around $1.40 for a gallon), it tastes kind of...weird. Not bad, just...weird.

No megafauna today, but something like four species of lizards, two or possibly three species of squirrel, two different cactus flowers. One of the squirrels (who had a marvelous tail) yelled at us. IT WAS SO CUTE OMG. Yesterday we saw a mule deer doe attempt suicide on the highway going into Arches. The driver in front of us in the other lane narrowly missed her.

Also identified the adorable little bird we saw in Arches yesterday; they had a pic of one at the Canyonlands visitor center. It's a Black-Throated Sparrow. Not a Black-Chinned Sparrow. Which I'll be posting my own pix of soonish. We bought a book of Utah birds there too, because we go out a fair bit with the book and the binox, and a teeny pocket guide dedicated to the birds of the state we live in is a lot easier to bring than my "Pocket Guide," which, erm, doesn't actually fit in my pocket.

Ate at the Broken Oar, and had the best steak I've ever had in Moab. They also have bottomless steak fries, humongous wraps, and ice cream. Some serious YUM there, and not horribly expensive.

We're going home tomorrow, but there's a little wildlife area on the way to the Moab Rim trail that I want to check out before we do, and we're not in any hurry to get out of town. I might be able to talk the Hubby into going out Potash way to see some petroglyphs there. Just kind of taking it easy...

Because, yeah. Did I mention how much pain I'm in?