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May 9th, 2008

11:38 am

I've been IM'd by the notorious jeremycrawford!

crawfordjeremy702000: hello.
Babiesstolemydingo: Do I know you?
crawfordjeremy702000: i don' think so i was wondering if you write fanfiction.
Babiesstolemydingo: Not anymore, but I used to be pretty prolific.
crawfordjeremy702000: :(
Babiesstolemydingo: I've "graduated," so to speak, and now I write original fiction.
crawfordjeremy702000: i was looking for someone to do a short nc-17 fic but no one will.
Babiesstolemydingo: Oh, I never wrote NC-17 anyway.
Babiesstolemydingo: OMG! I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
crawfordjeremy702000: please will you do i am begging you.
Babiesstolemydingo: Heh. NO.
crawfordjeremy702000: ASSHOLE.
Babiesstolemydingo: Dude, I haven't written fanfic in over two years.
Babiesstolemydingo: I haven't watched my shows in about that long either. What makes you think I'd do them justice?
Babiesstolemydingo: And what fandom, anyway, pray tell? I'm just wondering how far you want to take this.
Babiesstolemydingo: Also, etiquette hint? Calling someone an "asshole" is a kind of crappy way to get them to do something you're asking them to do.
Babiesstolemydingo: Had I even been considering writing what you wanted me to write, you'd have killed it right there.
Babiesstolemydingo: Dumbass.
Babiesstolemydingo: Oh, come on...
Babiesstolemydingo: Don't you want to play?
Babiesstolemydingo: Man, you're a lot less fun than I heard you were...
Babiesstolemydingo: ENTERTAIN ME, DAMMIT.

He's not very persistent. Dammit, had I thought about it for a few seconds, I would have strung him along...

05:31 pm
Went to the drive-in last night...

And saw a double feature of "Iron Man" and "Drillbit Taylor."

"Iron Man" was awesome. I'm pretty sure the physics don't work out with it, but still. VERY tasty. DVD collection material.

"Drillbit Taylor," on the other hand...

Why is it that every movie about high school is an advertisement for homeschooling? Er, spoilers.Collapse )
However, the fact that the principal was played by the same guy who played the principal in the original Buffy movie (and the same sort of clueless idiot) was amusing. Apparently Stephen Root works a lot, and I know I've seen him in other things too. What do I recognize him from? Buffy. Yeah, that's me.

And Adam Baldwin has a freakin' hilarious cameo.