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May 12th, 2008

12:20 am
So, the Hubby had to get up...

at silly o'clock this morning, and of course completely spaced the fact that it was Mother's Day. None of us are at our best at 5am, after all.

However, he called me later, rather shamefaced, and wished me a happy Mother's Day. He said that I could go into his drawer and pull out a twenty and go out to dinner, if I wanted to. After going "awww," I told him that I'd really rather wait until he came home and then we could go out to dinner together.

Maybe, I mused, we could even get a sitter for Da Boy and go to the Desert Star, which we haven't been to in ages. We ooh'ed and ahh'ed over that idea, and so tomorrow I'm going to make us reservations. Not only that, but the lovely and effulgent bigsciencybrain and her Boyfriend-Critter are planning on coming down as well. *does the Dance of Joy*

We're also planning on an Antelope Island sojourn sometime this week, depending on the weather. *checks* Thursday and Friday look nice...

Writing? What is this "writing" of which you speak? Okay, yes. I will do 250 words before retiring. *nods firmly* Anyone can do that.

04:15 pm
I should report on this...

*adjusts pimp hat*

The handsome and talented Paul Genesse had a book launch party on Saturday to celebrate the release of his first novel, The Golden Cord. I've read two of Paul's short stories (in the anthologies "Furry Fantastic" and "Fellowship Fantastic") and can testify that he can write. He's going to be in Arizona and Vegas doing book-type stuff for the next week or so.

Also, the handsome and talented kenrand's long-awaited western dark-fantasy novel, Pax Dakota, is now available. Buy it, or ask your local library to get it in?

In writing news, I did my 250 words last night before bed. Let's see if I can double that today. Tripling it would bring me up to around 4000 words overall. Considering I know the next two things I want to have happen, I could probably achieve that...

10:01 pm
I am a homeschooling mom...

And I will not wank. No, I won't. Not there, anyway. Eh. *grabs a tissue and cleans up* Seriously, I couldn't let that go.

However, all you have to do is look at the "quality" of fic at FFN to see the sort of "education" that public schools are churning out. Semi-literate snowflakes who bristle at the merest hint of criticism? Pretty much.

Yeah, not in my house. Da Boy already gets corrected if he doesn't capitalize "I" or the word at the start of a sentence, and he's seven. And I don't think I'm stunting his creativity.